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Our SPA motto „Mother Nature”   




Real Latvian country bath with birch besoms.

Bath capacity - about 14 persons.

Professional bathhouse attendant is available.Country sauna until 4.pers.  - EUR 60.00.

+ Tub EUR 45.00 (6 seats).

Bathhouse attendant EUR 20.00/pers. (max 6 person) Bathhouse attendant, please apply in advance.

Payment includes: birch besoms, towels, herbal tea, grill. For peeling – salt and sugar.



SPA motto "Mother Nature heals"

Unseen anywhere else in the spa complex is composed of two parts:
Relaxing, which includes baths - Stone, Softwood, Sauna and Hay chairs, outdoor hot tub, contrastshower and - SPA services area.


Marciena SPA in Latvia is a registered medical authority Nr.7002-00004th


Working hours: 
Daily 10:00 - 20:00 
In weekends 10:00 - 21:00


SPA day card 2 hours - EUR 14.00/pers.(sauna, swimming pool, mill contrast shower, jacuzzi).

Children 6-12 years of age – EUR 7.00/pers.

SPA day card (unlimited time) – EUR 28.00/pers.(sauna, stone bath, pine bath, hay bath, mill contrast shower, swimming pool, Jacuzzi).

Children 6-12 years of age – EUR 14.00/pers.

Night SPA from 21:00p.m. – EUR 70.00/hour from 2 to 4 persons ; EUR 129.00/hour from 5 to more persons.

Payment includes - bathrobe, slippers, towel, herbal tea.

Children under 5 years of age and including, SPA free of charge.






Stone baths

At the edge of the pool stands a small cabin just like from the tale Hansel and Gretel, and over the cabin Witches are flying, but inside the cabin iron basket works up and down which is filled with hot lava stones. When it is heated to 600 degrees, basket comes out from the stove and dips into the pig pot-volcanic steam will surround you as a white mist, and basaltic lava minerals make all unhealthy substances from the body. Stone bath is recommended for body purification, for receiving minerals, weight loss. Temperature in the bath is approx. 50-60 degrees, recommended duration of the procedure 30 minutes.



Pine baths

Through real, in Manor forests picked pine and fir needles steam is flowing, and you breath thick essential oil balsam for lungs. When it gets hot, use a hand-operated wooden ventilator! Doctors suggest needle steam if you have rheumatism, peripheral nervous system, cardiovascular disorders and especially for respiratory treatments and prevention. From healers’ experience - pine and fir needle essential oil to strengthens receiving new energy, helps to renew strength after difficult emotional experience and easy to handle problems, renew optimism.
Juniper spring essential oils develop capability to recognize lies and injustice, protecting from attacks, helping to earn the authority, develop deep feelings, intelligence. The temperature in a bath is approx. 45 degrees, recommended duration of the procedure 30 minutes.



Hay bath

You know that herbs-clover, timothy, yarrow, and others, used in tea, significantly helps health? But if these herbal molecules through steam for 30 minutes slowly seeps into your body? The effect is much stronger! Hay baths are specially designed wooden chairs, where you are up to the shoulders wrapped in paper sheets. Through the chair-back, bags with hay steam of herbs spoil your body, but your arms are free to enjoy some tea with honey! In the hay chairs biggest warmth is concentrated on scrag area, it perfectly relaxes tight neck musculature, stimulates osteochondrosis treatment and improves blood circulation in scrag-neck area. Feet can enjoy Japanese point massage. Hay chairs are recommended also after any body massage. Don’t rush to go into the shower - in the hay chairs herbal oils keep absorbing into pores for another 30 minutes!



Short, 2-3 slot with a sauna steam, designed for rapid body warming before the cold contrast bath basin. The procedure is recommended for cardiac and vascular strengthening of the immune system, reducing stress, cheerfulness, feel the improvement.


Mill contrast shower

After coming out of the stone bath your body is all over with sweat. We advise to wash them away in contrast shower! By pulling old fashioned bail, mill wheel starts to rotate and water is falling - hot and cold. Cycle changes every 2 sec. The contrast between hot and cold water increases microcirculation of tissues in human body, strengthens immune system. Helps to absorb nutrients and oxygen, removes inflammation by-products and other toxic substances. Refreshing, healthy and fun!



Cold pool

Temperature +18. Depth 1.60 m. Recommended that after the sauna or stone bath. 
Usefulness for your health - just as a contrast shower, only a stronger effect.



Warm pool with counter-stream

Temperature +28. Flat entrance, the deepest end is 1.60 m, 4 x 5 meters. Swimming equipment for children is availabe. For infants please use special diapers for pools.




Jacuzzi on the open terrace at the pool, 6 seats, can be used all year round. Fantastic relax.


Night SPA for romanticians from time 21.00 (must be preordered).

Nice gift for loved person.

Massages, candles, shampain, music .... remember for long time.



Biomechanical stimulation is a novelty in Latvia, but not in Europe

Doctor of Biomechanics science, Rigan Professor Vladimir Nazarov is a scientist with a world name, he’s an author of many scientific discoveries and books. Biomechanics is the science of human body mechanics. In Europe - Switzerland, Germany and Austria's most famous resorts - Bad Kissingen, Vinterstein (Germany), as well as in the U.S., already more than 30 years there are around 60 prof. "Nazarova institutes’, where the health of thousands of people is being recovered without medication. Significantly, in Switzerland treatments with biomechanical stimulation are paid by the State Patient Fund.

Prof. Nazarov has accurately calculated the frequency and more than 40 years ago he constructed 5 different types of machines for different parts of the body. This frequeancy precisely corresponds to human muscular vibration frequency, in any body part developing new muscles and nerve cells. This happens in cellular and molecular level surprisingly quickly. You will feel and actually see the results even after the first procedure. Biomechanical stimulation is recommended for everyone, it stimulates new cell formation, the old fat excretion from the body and the whole-cell activity or over the diseased. Essentially biomechanical stimulation is a gigantic sport training. When you do sport, the same biomechanical reconstruction processes happens, only - much, much slower. It is scientifically proven that if you want to gain the same result doing sport, as having biomechanical procedures, every gesture of exercise should be multiplied with 60!

Professor Nazarov with biomechanical stimulation in Latvia has returned after many years. Until 90’s he was the Head of All-scientific institutes in Minsk and Moscow, after the 90’s his life and scientific activity was based in the West. Still active in scientific work, the Western medical university professor mandate, the Western media referred to as a "discoverer of the Revolution in medicine."

Moore: www.nazarov-stimulation.de;www.fitnestribune.comwww.nazarov-institut.ch


Marciena SPA offer:

Biomechanical stimulation procedure for all body

Frequency of vibration of equipment is specially designed to remove the leg and hip joint pain, restore the whole body blood circulation and blood vessels, stimulate the body's healthy cells. The procedure effectively acts on the subcutaneous muscles and mortified fat cells- eliminates cellulite, inelastic skin, unwanted fat "bags". Helps for rapid rehabilitation after fractures or traumas. 

30 min. EUR 27.00


Biomechanical stimulation procedure, which is meant specially for body upper parts. 

Painful shoulder joints and rehabilitation after traumas in pectoral zone, eliminate flaccid upper arm muscles, recovers and stimulates viscera-cardiac, circulatory, pulmonary- functioning.

30 min. EUR 27.00


Biomechanical stimulation procedure, which is meant specially for spinal problems. 

Effectively eliminates osteochondrosis, during one procedure releases from stiffness, strained neck, helps spinal discs and the cervical vertebrae.

15 min.EUR 17.00


Facial skin and subcutaneous muscle renovating procedure with biostimulation apparatus. Procedure with a real effect even after one time.

30 min.EUR 22.00





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