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During archeological excavations the oldest burial place found in Marciena was dated with 2nd century, but in writings Marciena – Marxnes castle – for the first time is mentioned in year 1213 in chronicle of Indrikis the Blind.



Unfortunately it is a sad story - in that year the last invincible king of our land - king Visvaldis was forced to sign a humiliating contract in Riga Palace, according to which also Jersikas lands, as Kurzeme and Zemgale before that, became property of german crusaders and bishop Albert. In machiavellian attack, when in 1209 Jersika city was burnt, solders of the bishop kidnapped the wife of the king Visvaldis - Lithuanian princess. And despite the fact that king Visvaldis together with Lithuanian army tried to regain his lands in bloody and heroic battles, even our nation’s last hero had to surrender to slavery that reigned in our country for the next 700 years...

Starting from the end of 13th century Marciena was property of conquerors - family of barons Tizenhauzen. Already in year 1740 there was the first school built in Marciena. In year 1908 the first Library association was established.

About Marcienas castle. Starting from 1885 it was owned by baltic german baron Woldemar von Maidel. In the center of Vidzeme he created an outstanding neo-rococo style masterpiece, the most luxurious castle in the whole Baltic region. It can be seen on images in State History museum.

Unfortunately, soon came Soviet powers, and in 1918 Marciana castle burned down. The story tells that the baron set the castle on fire and shot himself. Such a dead-end times were approaching.

Starting from 1918, when Latvia became an independent country, Marciena parish was a powerful manufacturing, economic and cultural center. There was a flax factory, dairy, water-mill, brick production, agriculture and livestock farming. At peoples house there were many social associations, theater and choir, the first Song festival of Madona apanage was held in Marciena, Latvian aviation celebration, the president of the country, Karlis Ulmanis, visited Marciena.

But there are also bitter dates in the history. It was 23 July, 1941, and Second World War has started.

Soviet and Germany occupation years in Marciena.

On 14 July, 1941 9 people from Marciena were sent to Siberia.

15 November, 1944, it is war time and at Marciena preliminary school “Lejas Patmalniekos” an orphanage is opened.

Deportation again. 25 March, 1949. 61 person from Marciena parish is deported to Siberia.
And when everyone is scared of Siberia, it is possible to rob peasants of land, animals and freedom. In such a way in 1949 communists forcedly established first kolkhoz (collective farm).

And there was another communist assult to Marciena. The cold war started, USSR was arming, and it was decided to built in Marciena large, secret nuclear missile base. But, luckily, it was descovered by american spys, and construction continued as a construction of aviation base. But, still, thousands of people from Russia migrated to live and stay in Marciena. Marciena is not the old Marciena anymore. Buildings were built, roads were concreted - even now you can see those wrecks. Traditions and virtues changed. “On this side of Arona we live, on the other - they…” - say the old inhabitants of Marciena even today.

But our nation can not stand on bent knees forever. At the time of the whole nation Atmodas times in 80-ies also in Marciena a Nation front was established, many inhabitants of Maciena went to Riga barricades. It was the will and heroism of the nation that we can not forget or underestimate. Only thanks to Marciena inhabitants included on 4 May, 1991 Latvia finally became a free country again!

In 1993 a large Soviet army left Marciena parish. It was a victory for freedom fighters in Marciena. Unfortunately, elected people representatives were not lucky at the time, and only a few building that were left in good condition by the army - schools, kinder gardens, clubs - could be used for parish development. Other buildings were wasted and slowly these wrecks with broken windows and broken down cultural environment started to drive people in apathy. But there were also good things. In 1994 owners renewed historic pubhouse “Smecere”. Now it is a guest house, music club and restaurant.

In 2006 Solimu family renovated buildings that used to be Marciena preliminary school “Lejas Patmalnieku” - now it is a SPA health resort „Mārcienas muiža”.

In 2006 owners renovated the old farm and opened guest house „Puduļi”.

In 2007 under the press of inhabitants and after 30 years of promisses the state road Marciena - Sauleskalns finally was covered with asphalt.

In 2008 Marciena orthodox church of Saint Alexey was renovated and now there are regular paying held.

In 2009 concrete manufacturer “Cemex” started its operations in Marciena and thanks to EU money center was equipped with lightning, water-pipes and canalization.

On 18 November, 2011 Marcienas history museum was opened.

And the latest events - on 9 March, 2012 Marciena inhabitants association “Konzums” was established. Its aim is not only to renew the old Peoples’ house in the center of the parish, but also motivate Marciena inhabitants energise for a better life.

Another important thing - Madonas apanage government has been approached and it supports renovation of buildings that were left by Soviet army, it is planned to fill them with life, people and future. It is possible that 800 years celebration will be held in atmosphere of good deeds and events.



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