In the summer- croquet,  picture gallery, bicycles, fishing, walking trails, children's playground, swimming, walking sticks, swing, catamaran, slide in the lake, rabbits, gooses, mushrooms, forest and garden berries, gardening.

In the winter- 3 km cross-country skiing at the mansion or at Madona (10 km) international night-lighted track or Gaiziņkalns (16km), skis, hockey sticks, skates and skating rink, sled hill and sledges, table games, fireplace. Everything for children swim in the swimming pool – float, wings. (In swimming pool babies need to wear diapers).

Walks- The trail of Theresa pine, oak Mara and other places (moore History) path through the park on the estate sources, the trail to the river Arona, Marciena Museum, Marciena palace ruins, Marcienas Orthodox Church. Reception can be purchased "Marciena district map” with marked sights and places of legend.

Other attractions nearby:

  • History museum in Marciena;

  • Soviet army base in Marciena;

  • Orthodox Church of Marciena, built in approx.1860 architect Jānis Baumanis. (0,5 km, 15 min. to walking);

  • Unique swamp in "Teiči";

  • Restaurant, pubs, market and shops ( ~ 11 km), whitch can be reached by taxi or city public transport from Marciena to Madona city;

  • Broad offer from Tourism Information Centre in Madona about the most intresting places, manor and country farms in Madona District (dist. 5 – 30 km from Marcienas manor); 

  • „Smeceres Pub”(6 km);

  • „Smeceres sils ”(10 km);

  • „Rēķu kalns ”(20 km);

  • The highest mountain in Latvia - Gaiziņš (16 km);

  • Castles : Cesvaine palace and Graši palace (Cesvaine from manor  - 40 km, both castles on the other with 4 km dist.).

  • Writer Rūdolfs Blaumanis memorial museum „Braki”, musicians  brothers Jurjāņi memorial museum „Menģeļi”- (25 km, 20 min. from manor)

  • Krustkalna nature reserves (Please register your visits in advance);

  • Farm ”Sveķi” is the biggest and the most modern rabbit farm in the Baltics. Rabbits are held not only in cages, but also outside in the ”Garden of rabbits” where they can be caressed and treated with carrots. There is a special premise in the farm with a glass window so that tourists could see what is happening inside. (3 km, please register your visits in advance);

  • Farm ”Līvi” is the biggest goat herd in Latvia, about 80 goats are bred here. An opportunity to watch the process of cheese-making and taste the goods made. Those arriving around 17:00 can observe how goats are milked. (4 km, book in advance to reception);

  • Workshop of the ceramist Jānis Seiksts. Ceramics workshop, water-colour paintings, a possibility to buy articles. (to Madona, 11 km, please register your visits in advance); 

  • Kalsnava basketry. Visitors can watch the work of wattlers, see wattled baskets, furniture and different household objects. A possibility to buy wattle-works. (6 km, please register your visits in advance);

  • The farm ”Jāņkalni”(Vestienas municipality) is growing and collecting berries by the shore of Kala Lake – bush blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, cranberries and other berries that tourists may  taste, pick and buy. All this will be supplemented by the interesting stories of the landlord. A tasty offer!

    And much different interesting things!